Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spring warblers

So many things waiting to be scanned and uploaded,  but first: some little watercolors of warblers. This is the first year I've had in ages to really go look at birds in Central Park. I did these partly to help learn the details on them so I could ID them in silhouette at the tops of trees, but also because... well, look at them. They're awesome subjects.

These are drawn from reference, but I've seen all these (and many, many more) in Central Park this season.

The one up above is a Blackburnian warbler. In order below are the hooded warbler, the Wilson's warbler, the black-throated blue warbler, and the black-throated green warbler.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015! Off to a slow start... kinda

 First post of the year and it's the end of February. I've been drawing (a lot!), but I'm in a little bit of a transition/experimentation moment, and haven't felt like sharing too much of what I'm doing. Going through a bunch of paper and supplies, especially pen and ink.

These pictures kind of sum up my mood at the moment: kids, monsters, landscapes. Doing a lot of variations on that, trying out materials, trying out ideas. Trying to figure out what the title is on the unmarked books these kids are reading...