Monday, November 17, 2014

Fashion Week Addendum

 I was drawing in a whole bunch of sketchbooks at Fashion Week, and missed these drawings - some of my favorites - in last night's scanning/posting session.

So here they are!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

New York Fashion Week - September 2014

This is the fourth time I've gotten to draw at New York Fashion Week and all four times it's been a blast. Inside the tents or out on the plaza, you just can't beat the variety of shapes and sizes... or the company. In spite of the fashion world's fearsome reputation, I don't think I've ever pulled out a sketchbook in a jollier, more drawing-friendly environment.

Fountain Pens and Anxious Bird-Headed Schoolchildren

 One of the many things I like about Instagram is seeing the materials other people use. One that caught my eye this year and decided to try was fountain pens. I did a little Internetting, and - after discovering that the world of fountain pens is a vast, vast world about which enough wonderful things cannot be said - I came up with two I decided to try: the Lamy Safari, which I was able to get here in NYC at the lovely Fountain Pen Hospital, and the Hero M86, a Chinese calligraphy pen I got through the delightfully straightforwardly-named

I spent a lot of time just fooling around with them, seeing what they and I might make together, which was fine, but which didn't result in drawings that were much out of my ordinary. Then one morning at Local 61, one of my semi-regular morning drawing spots, I came up with this run of anxious, bird-headed schoolchildren.

No idea where they came from, but for a while, the above drawing was the most-liked drawing I ever posted on Instagram.

Chelsea Market Summer Sketches

A few pages from the summer's work at one of my drawing home bases.

Summer Sketchbook Sampler

A few pages of people sketches from various locations from the summer's peregrinations.