Monday, November 17, 2014

Fashion Week Addendum

 I was drawing in a whole bunch of sketchbooks at Fashion Week, and missed these drawings - some of my favorites - in last night's scanning/posting session.

So here they are!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

New York Fashion Week - September 2014

This is the fourth time I've gotten to draw at New York Fashion Week and all four times it's been a blast. Inside the tents or out on the plaza, you just can't beat the variety of shapes and sizes... or the company. In spite of the fashion world's fearsome reputation, I don't think I've ever pulled out a sketchbook in a jollier, more drawing-friendly environment.

Fountain Pens and Anxious Bird-Headed Schoolchildren

 One of the many things I like about Instagram is seeing the materials other people use. One that caught my eye this year and decided to try was fountain pens. I did a little Internetting, and - after discovering that the world of fountain pens is a vast, vast world about which enough wonderful things cannot be said - I came up with two I decided to try: the Lamy Safari, which I was able to get here in NYC at the lovely Fountain Pen Hospital, and the Hero M86, a Chinese calligraphy pen I got through the delightfully straightforwardly-named

I spent a lot of time just fooling around with them, seeing what they and I might make together, which was fine, but which didn't result in drawings that were much out of my ordinary. Then one morning at Local 61, one of my semi-regular morning drawing spots, I came up with this run of anxious, bird-headed schoolchildren.

No idea where they came from, but for a while, the above drawing was the most-liked drawing I ever posted on Instagram.

Chelsea Market Summer Sketches

A few pages from the summer's work at one of my drawing home bases.

Summer Sketchbook Sampler

A few pages of people sketches from various locations from the summer's peregrinations.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Monsters on New Paper

Picked up some paper I'd never tried before: Canson Illustration. It's very white, very smooth, takes a wash nicely if you don't go overboard. Really nice for ink.

New stuff: Graphite kids

Long overdue fresh post! My schedule's been a little chopped up lately, so there have been a lot of little drawings, some experiments, some outliers. What's a calendar-hash for if not for throwing everything into the pot?


Monday, February 17, 2014

New York Fashion Week - February 2014

I had the chance to do a couple of days of drawing inside the tents at New York Fashion Week this month. Here's some of what I came out with.