Thursday, September 12, 2013

New York Fashion Week Round Three

One more round from New York Fashion Week. One of the most fun drawing experiences I've ever had, thanks to all the people who stopped to talk. I've always thought of the fashion world as inaccessible, but this last week on Lincoln Plaza was the friendliest New York I've ever drawn in.

Thanks to Serena Solomon and for their interest in me. I'm very flattered that with so many other fantastic people to write about, they gave me some spotlight! Twice!

Thanks also to new friend fashion photographer Rafael Clemente for explaining to me why Instagram is a thing and for walking me through the art and science of hashtags.

Now people can follow me on Instagram: studio_hermit. Thanks Rafael!

See you all next year! (In the meantime, I think there's going to be some Instagramming from my usual drawing haunts, Chelsea Market and the High Line).

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