Saturday, September 7, 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013

A few years back, I drew on the plaza at Lincoln Center as the people came and went from Fashion Week. This year, I had another go at it, and this was the result.

I'm actually working at Fashion Week this year, so I'm hoping to get in another session or two before it's over... maybe even inside (although it's awfully fun to stand on the plaza...).

While I was drawing on the plaza, lots of people came up and talked to me, more than usually do when I'm drawing in public. I think it's such a performative event, the whole parade of finery, that anyone who's doing anything creative or unusual just kind of gets included in the spectacle.

Among those who came up to look was Serena Solomon, who was kind enough to include a quick Instagram video on what I was doing for DNAinfo New York. For a while today, my drawing hand was on their homepage:

Here's the final of drawing they used:

Big thanks to Serena for taking an interest and for sharing my work, and thanks as well to everyone else who stopped by and said 'hi'!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who's coming to visit through the DNAinfo story! If you click the studio hermit banner, you can see more posts of Fashion Week drawings.


Cheri Threadgill said...

Wonderful and expressive drawings! You are so talented!

tim b said...

Thank you!!

Jason Watson said...

Okay, this one is my personal favorite from the fashion week explosion. It certainly gives the most dramatic, exciting silhouette. Yay giant hair buns and four inch heels!!

Christian Broussard said...

WOOOW! The super high bun and killer 4 inch heels...I recognize that girl...she's...ME! lol Thank you so much Tim for sketching me, I actually saw you doodling at the Lincoln Center, but had no clue I would end up being one of your muse! Your work is awesome! great job! :)

Christian Broussard said...

lol I don't bite Tim! I consider us friends now...I'm a fan of your work, so drop me a line every now and then! ;)

tim b said...

Will do, Christian!