Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mourning dove

I draw a lot of birds from photographs, but every now and then I get a live model. For some reason, once in a while, usually when it's really cold old, I'll get a mourning dove that comes and just hangs out on the shelf outside my window.

I happened to be at home, with graphite and paper already out. So I took a few minutes for it.

These aren't really great drawings, but they were fun to make. Winter's just starting, so maybe I'll get a chance for another round.

New Moleskine Pages

I haven't posted any moleskine drawings in a while, partly because I've been doing them less regularly, partly because I've been experimenting with color. I'm partway through the second sketchbook's worth of these.

If the whole point of this kind of drawing is staying loose and explore some new corners, I think these succeed.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Watercolor warmup

Not having picked up watercolors for a couple of months, I wanted to put my head back into them a little before finishing a big piece that's all laid out on my desk.

Just penciled in some random characters and painted them, working down from the top. The piece I'm warming up for has a lot of faces, so I concentrated on those.

Not sure why everyone looks so pensive/hostile.