Thursday, January 20, 2011

New year, new materials, two inspiring books

I celebrated New Year's Day by opening up Felix Scheinberger's Mut mit Skizzenbuch, a really fun, go-get-'em-tiger primer on drawing in public places. Lots of great thoughts from a master of the medium and a good, rousing way to begin 2011.

One of the jolly things about going through Felix's book was the variety of materials he uses, and the way each set of materials choices illuminates particular aspects of the way he draws. He's got a broad set of stylistic modes, but there's really a singular visual imagination at work behind all of them.

The way he uses different materials really brings out the particularities of his different approaches. So, of course, I was all like: I wanna try that!

Taking my cue from one of the pieces in his book I really liked, I bought a kraft paper sketchbook and packed a pen bag with some different drawing materials than the ones I've been using most often. At the moment, I'm still working with the same subject (mostly people), but I think that'll be evolving in some new directions as time goes on.

For one thing, I'm sort of embracing textual additions to the drawings at the moment; partly because I've also been looking at Maira Kalman's Principles of Uncertainty, which takes a very picture-book attitude about text and picture and the way they bounce off one another, but which applies that attitude to a very different kind of subject matter.

I think the texts in these scans are pretty crudely done and I almost didn't post them because of that. But I think - I hope - they're the beginning of something and will eventually contrast with a more evolved execution.

Happy 2011!