Monday, July 19, 2010

Chelsea Market watercolors

It's been hot and humid all this month here in lovely New York City. The studio was sweltering and hiding at home by the air conditioner was giving me cabin fever, so I spent yesterday in the great cool cave of Chelsea Market. Brought the watercolors to disguise my loafing as industry.

I'm crafty that way, sometimes.

Spring monsters

Lots of travel this spring: Cleveland, Moscow (again), North Carolina. Didn't do all that much drawing, even on the planes, but here's some of what I did do.

Bar sketches

A little behind on the sketchbook-scanning, thanks to a lot of travel and a lot of other obligations. These are from a friend's show back in April. Near-total darkness in the venue encouraged the brush pen, with rather different results than the ballpoint I use in the subway.