Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Travel Monsters! Happy New Year!

Last blog post of the year... as the sun goes down here in cold, cloudy New York City, it's weird to think that it's already 2010 in some parts of the world. Before the Magic Date Change Line swings over my particular patch of the planet, here are the fruits of the season's back-and-forthing.

Despite the frantic racing around that always seems to happen this time of year (or maybe because of it) the holidays always tend to make me introspective.

Well, OK, more introspective:

Stuffed into public transportation, the most comfortable place is usually the one found by crawling as far back into my head as I can.

This year although there wasn't as much mileage as there sometimes is (only 2500 or so... way below average). Still, train delays, closed airports, massive snowstorms, insomnia in other people's guest rooms and the odd would-be terrorist attack still made for some fine monster habitat.

Here's wishing everyone a happy, creatively fertile 2010.

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