Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Craig Chesler at Banjo Jim's

Not quite my usual setting or materials: a very dark bar and a Japanese brush pen that my friend Walter gave me last Christmas. But when someone you sort of know announces a last-minute solo instrumental ukulele set at in the East Village on a Tuesday night... well, it's caution to the wind.

The music turned out to be great: not only Craig's, which is always delightful, but the other musicians on the roster as well. In particular, a kid called Alec Gross was amazing.

Craig is actually better-looking than this. Sorry Craig!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Spent most of October in airplanes, which meant, among other things, lots of time to draw with very limited materials in very limited physical circumstances.

Lots of seatmates to frighten, sometimes on purpose (I sat next to some whiners I didn't want to encourage in conversation).

JPEG's are named by flight. Sometimes it's the only way I remember where I've been.


"At a certain point, he realized that the others were not coming back..."

"... because they were, in all likelihood, already dead."

Ink monsters on watercolor paper

 This set (including the drawing in the posting above this one) was drawn in a watercolor sketchbook, which I don't think took the ink very well. It'll be OK for watercolor sketches but for in-flight monsters, I think I need a more absorbent paper.

These were part of a Newark-Phoenix round trip.

State of the Sketchbook

One of the things I'm pleased about with the street and subway sketching at the moment is that I think I'm expanding and experimenting with style... different looks for different days, but building an overall vocabulary at the same time.

Project in progress

One of my projects in September was a book dummy. I don't like to talk too much about things that are still in progress, but here's a hint: it involves dogs.

September Monsters

I rented an outside work space back in September, which was great, then spent October flying around the country trying to put some money in the bank. Blogging much neglected as a result.

Catch-up time! These monsters are a little bit of September's production. Just fooling around, getting used to watercolor again after much too much time away.