Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monsters of the air

We've all done our share of airport sketches. Some people make entire books about the stuff you can see from terminal windows.

But once you take off, it's all sensory deprivation. James Jean has done some dandy in-flight drawings (if you haven't seen them in his sketchbooks, go this instant and look at them... his site, annoyingly, doesn't let you link to individual pages, so go to 'sketches', then look at the '2008 Mole A' drawings. If you love art, it'll make you dance around the room; if you make art, it'll make you want to hang yourself). Yes, I'll wait here 'til you're done.


Awesome, no?

Anyhow, I had a different strategy for my August travels: headphones, iPod, monsters.

Seatmates a little freaked out.


HelloDarkCorner said...

Thank you for waiting while I checked out those the james jean....loved it....also felt like hanging out the window wailing in pain.

Birdclawspider freaks me out.

tim b said...

Thank you. I'm rather proud of that one.

Eric Orchard said...

Love it! Very cool.

tim b said...

Thanks Eric! I've got some more stuff on the drawing board but haven't been home much to watercolor it.

Brian Floca said...

I'm a little freaked out, too, and I'm free to get up and move around the cabin. Freaked out in a mostly good way, though. Where you going with all these guys, Tim?