Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Red-tailed hawk webcam

OK, normally I don't do this, but how cool is it to watch red-tailed hawks feeding their puffball young?

This is a window ledge at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the images are live (no artificial lights at night, so it'll be dark after dark).

Courtesy of Marie Winn's Central Park Nature News. For more info, visit the source site.

UPDATE: Hmmmm. The above embedded video has only been working sporadically. If it's not working right now, try this link instead: webcam of a peregrine falcon's nest at 55 Water Street in lower Manhattan. Three different cameras, no less... give it a second to load fully.

UPDATE II: The peregrine falcon's eggs have hatched. Now she's got puffballs, too. Note: the webcam takes a minute to load a still picture, then another minute or so for the picture to start moving.

UPDATE III: Good lord... these hawks have like, tripled in size since I posted this link. Yikes.


Brian Floca said...

I'm mesmerized.

tim b said...

I know... I've had to limit my daily tune-ins or I'll never get anything done...

Brian Floca said...

FINALLY I have seen Mama Bird. Just now. She was feeding them a pigeon or a squirrel or (my best guess) a rat. It was awesome.