Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natural History, Met drawings

Above, cormorant detail (full drawing below) from a morning at the American Museum of Natural History with Ann and Jason during the latter's recent sojourn in NYC.

Also below, three pieces from our day at the Met. We also had a dandy morning figure drawing at that temple of old-school awesomeness, Spring Street Studio. Holding off on posting the nudes at this blog, at least for the moment, but suffice it to say, some drawing got done.

Variations: Teachers

Spring allergies had me too dull to do any real work on Sunday, so I fooled around with the idea of teachers: old, young, eager, strict, worn-out. Found myself thinking of teachers I had back in elementary and middle school: the good, the bad, the weird. Bless 'em all, this many years later.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cleveland, Philadelphia airports, mostly

The next level of challenge for the sketchbooks generally is to make each page more composed: to make a framework of design decisions for each page that still allow for the spontaneity of impression-grabbing.

Mall sketches; brush pen

Composite of a couple of hours of brush-pen sketching at a mall in Ohio. Nice to take this game out of town and work with some different body shapes.

This is a three-pen session: one pen that's a standard black, one that's a watered-down black and a third with watered-down walnut ink. It's not a bad tool kit, at least for now. Pleased that I'm learning to capture a little more detail as the people walk past; capturing and processing the information takes practice. Most of these are based on ten, fifteen... maybe twenty seconds' worth of impressions.