Saturday, February 14, 2009

100 Hands 8-24 (February Obsession Edition)

Above: hand studies done on the plane either to or from Berlin (can't remember, didn't label).

Below: either the dullest or the most interesting page I've posted here yet. Spent a couple of hours at Chelsea Market doing mostly pretty boring sketches of people. Started packing up to go, realized that the ink was still wet on some of the sketches. Rather than ruin them by closing the sketchbook on them before they'd finished drying, I kept drawing for another twenty minutes or so.

Instead of continuing to do the usual figure/costume thing, I got interested in one little detail of the passersby: the way they hold their hands while walking. Like everything else about sketching reality, it turns out to be more and more variable the longer you look. Leads to totally obsessive thinking... I literally couldn't tell you one thing about any of the people I looked at except what their hands were doing.

Loose fingers, clenched fingers, all kinds of angles relative to the wrist. Very hard to capture as they whip by... but a really interesting drawing/looking experience I hadn't been expecting. Coming up for air at the end was like waking out of the oddest nap ever.

Because these are little and pretty sloppy, I'm only giving each hand partial credit on the 100 Hands countdown.


matt said...

Hey, Tim. I love these sketches. And what a great idea to just focus on people's hands as they walk by. I'll have to try that.

tim b said...

Thanks! So funny should you stop by... I was just admiring your blog yesterday. I'm a fan.

HigginsGirl said...

Hey, Tim - like your drawings as always - LOVE the hands. Not that my ink lines compare by any means, however, it reminded me of my theo class in Rome: My notebook was full of studies of my own hand!! Thanks for the great memory!