Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Studio sketches: girl characters

In between a family thing that took up most of last week, finishing the newest round of Capital Mysteries art (coming soon on the other blog) and getting ready for a quick work trip (yes, more airport sketches likely next week), I haven't had much time to draw and post. But took the day yesterday to play around a little with the idea of girl characters. Some are more realistic, some are more imaginary, all are drawn out of my head trying to use some of what I've been focusing on in the subway & street sketches.

It was a fun day; this is just a little of what I came up with. I wanted to end with a little challenge, so after a late dinner, I just drew a bunch of ovals on a blank sheet and tried to come up with a nice variety of faces.

Another good challenge would be to draw this many ovals and try to make the same face in as many different expressions as possible. Maybe on the plane to Berlin. It's going to be a long flight.


oriol said...

Good drawings!

This kind of exirceses are really good to improve!

tim b said...

Let's hope! Thanks for stopping by!