Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Retirement Party

A little bit of staff turnover here at Team Tim: two old standbys, longtime reliables Scanner and Printer are moving on. In addition, the Cube (probably the last member of its tribe to hold a full-time job) has been slowly moving of late towards its new role as Computer Emeritus.

Maybe people who upgrade more often than I do - or who don't work by themselves all day long - don't get sentimental about peripherals. Well, phooey on them. I say... tribute time! The printer produced many, many mailers in its day that scared up the jobs that kept a roof over my head in lean times. The manuscripts of the last seven or eight years' worth of books have entered the world through its paper tray. The scanner has not only been a good and valuable workshop tool; the last five (at least) volumes of the Capital Mysteries series have been published using scans from its flatbed.

It would feel ungrateful not to mark this occasion a little.


There. Marked.

Please join me in welcoming the new Team Tim:

They have very big USB ports to fill.

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