Wednesday, November 26, 2008

100 Eyes 3 & 4

Same source material as the ink wash drawings below; graphite on paper.

Ink wash, newspaper photos

The list of media I've never tried includes all sorts of obvious things: oil paint, etching... but ink wash? Had a spare afternoon yesterday to fool around with it, using some newspaper photos. It's hard... everything they say about watercolor that's only sort of true (no going back, unforgiving) really is true here. Most of what I came out with was a total mess; these were the best of the bunch.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

North American Bird Hall at AMNH

Short drawing expedition with Ann to the American Museum of Natural History. She was working on elephants but the crowds in African Mammals were too much for me... plus, I looked into the dusty glass eyes of the antelopes and decided that I wasn't in a mammal mood. So, up the stairs, around the balcony, through the sad fluorescent morgue of New York State wildlife and into the North American birds. Taxidermy up there looks a little scabby up close, but plenty to draw. Magpie, osprey head, and I forget which kind of hawk. The feet on the hawk are too big. Ballpoint pen on paper.

More from North American Bird Hall at AMNH

Peregrine falcon chicks and marsh hawk.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Untitled storybook drawing 1

Both of this drawing and the one below it are a little rough around the edges because I haven't drawn anything like this in ages. I miss doing oldey-timey rock-and-forest storybook stuff... a little time in Germany brings out the Grimm in me. Or maybe it was hanging out with these guys... Ball point pen on paper, drawn on the plane ride back from Germany.

Untitled storybook drawing 2

Drawn at the Hamburg Airport while Continental Airlines promised us a new plane. After twelve hours they gave up and sent us all to a hotel for the night. Ballpoint pen on paper.

Security line at the Hamburg Airport

5:30 in the morning; the sun wasn't up but I was. So were these people and about ten thousand others. Ballpoint pen on moleskine.

100 Hands 3-7

Ballpoint pen on paper; one more time-waster on the flight home from Germany.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


In Bremen for work, so not enough time to draw. But a couple of early hours and late ones to look around the old city center and scout subjects for next time...

Hamburg Airport, broken plane

Drawn while standing in a very long, very slow line while an entire airplane's worth of passengers got rebooked. Got a seat on a flight tomorrow and a hotel room tonight. This, my first-ever remote blog post, is courtesy of the hotel's free wireless Internet-- thank you Marriot Courtyard! Image not my usual tidy scan: shot with camera and uploaded with no retouching, rearranging or prettying-up. Ballpoint pen on moleskine.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

100 Eyes #2

Working off Election Day anxiety after voting. Graphite on paper, from a newspaper photo.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Drawing heads

One of the upsides of getting most of my news online is that when I watch election coverage on TV, I can concentrate on what's really important. Drawn from the screen.

Eighties Hair, Giant Foreheads

Real life suburban TV is less Wisteria Lane than Memory Lane. Tons of old shows whose existence I'd have otherwise forgotten. Drawn off the screen at my mom's house in Ohio.


Spent Halloween in Ohio this year, which meant I got to carve (and art-direct) the pumpkins for the porch.

The vegetation (except the hay bale) is all from my mom's yard; the glowing eyes are clear colored glass marbles. We always did pumpkin-eyes that way when I was a kid. In the last few years I discovered that if you cut open the pumpkin from the back (instead of the classic around-the-stem technique), the marbles refract and round out the image of the hole and give the eyes spooky, flickering dark pupils.

Yes, I 'm a dork. Be glad I'm sparing you the full details of candle-placement strategies.

Halloween close-ups